Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Great Reasons to be a Dentist

1.Service to Others: Help people maintain and improve their oral health, quality of life and appearance
2.Balanced Lifestyle: Dentistry offers flexibility to balance professional and personal life
3.Empower Your Patients: Give patients smiles they are proud to wear
4.Technology and Research: Be involved with the scientific advancement of dentistry
5.Be a Leader: Earn respect from your family, friends and community
6.Prevention/Education: Be an educator on the importance of oral health
7.Detect Disease: Treat oral health and detect disease – including cancer and cardiovascular
8.Be Creative: Use your artistic and scientific talents
9.Success Potential: With the aging population and increase in access to care, the demand and need for dentistry is on the rise
10.Self-Employment: Own a dental practice and be your own boss

Source: http://ada.org/96.aspx


  1. Those are interesting facts. it's really great that there are now well known dentists to take care of your oral and dental health.

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