Saturday, April 3, 2010

Scoring of the Examination (NBDE-I, NBDE-II)

Two factors affect a candidate's score: the number of correct answers selected by the candidate and the score scale conversion for the examination. For the NBDE, there is no penalty for selecting an incorrect response. A candidate's total score is reported in terms of a standard score, which has been converted from the total number of correct answers.
The minimum passing score on the NBDE Part I is a standard score of 75. The minimum passing score and the remaining scale are based on the judgments of experts. The examination results are reported in standard scores of 49 to 99. The JCNDE uses consistent methods including equating to guarantee that scores accurately and fairly reflect the knowledge and problem solving skills assessed by the examination. Please refer to the Technical Report found at for specific details on the scoring of examinations.


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